Christopher Levy takes charge with his new film company CineMonte Productions 

The film industry and the business of movie making are quickly changing thanks to the demand for streaming services. The new releases from big production companies are dominated by superhero franchises, remakes, sequels, and when we get tired of sequels, here comes the prequels. Now is the time we start producing films that engage audiences with real stories and original screenplays. 

Christopher Levy has worked for powerhouses like Goldstein Films and Lionsgate. He has produced films with James Wan and worked amongst A-list talents such as Drew Barrymore, Penelope Cruz, and Keanu Reeves. He is a Los Angeles native and his dedication to film production would lead to, building up skills, relationships, and knowledge in the film industry. When he met his former girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, he took his journey to France, producing miniseries and the feature film Fanfan, written by the talented Luc Besson (Director of the Fifth Element and La Femme Nikita). His 20 years in LA and valuable experience in the film industry have helped shape his vision of what CineMonte Productions should be. 

Christopher is now based in Las Vegas. With his newly formed film company, he aims to look for feature films for worldwide distribution, selecting films to be seen at the largest Film Markets such as Cannes and Berlin. Christopher has been involved with Cannes since 1997, whilst representing his former companies. 

These past years have certainly been incredibly busy for Mr. Levy, as he also founded The Las Vegas International Horror Film Festival (LVIHFF) in 2019 and started a new streaming site CINEFLIK. The LVIHFF is an international film festival that accepts films and screenplays from around the globe. The festival was created as a platform to showcase the established and up-and-coming filmmakers who pour their talents into short and feature films. The majority of the films that show at the festival have scored distribution deals and are being seen by hundreds of thousands of horror genre enthusiasts. 

The streaming site CINEFLIK is an outlet for all the creators who struggle to get their material seen and heard. Christopher understands how competitive is it to sell a film or script, in an industry that will consider money over the content. Streaming sites are a growing platform, easy and accessible it is the future of media. What better way to make sure that talented filmmakers can produce their stories and ideas and make sure it will be seen? 

CineMonte Productions has been the culmination of years of experience in the film industry and seeing rooms full of unread and neglected scripts. Hundreds of tapes and DVDs would be discarded as trash and not given a single chance, as they were labelled as unsolicited movies. Chris sees the incredible potential of these struggling artists and what their ideas can offer. He is tired of Hollywood producing the same storylines, they are running out of ideas. It is time that we take interest in Indie filmmakers and give them a chance to express their passions. His film company is all about originality, making films with actual stories.  



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