Bring Back Real Horror!

The 1970’s, 80’s and even the 90’s horror movies were a unique era, where the genre was at it’s finest.  Many features eventually became classics during this time.  Budgets were structured and simple.  Locations were cost effective and multiple.  The resources to get distribution and funding were at an easier path.  There were also many legendary directors that created masterpieces.  Whether it was a feature, sequel or prequel.

The horror industry, then suddenly started to decline when the year 2000 hit.  Less and less horror flicks were being produced due to the economy tanking and scam artists became relevant.  When this happened,  it devalued the business and put greed before creativity.

Whether a horror film is a classic or not, it’s viewed as a coping mechanism or an escape from this sick and crazy world we live in.  Stress from our jobs or personal issues take a toll on our lives, as creature of habits, our minds are always looking to break free, to find a release and break out of this bubble, we all live in.  Digging into our creative thoughts when watching horror, gives us the ability to become mentally stronger, to better cope with the craziness that we deal with, from day to day.

The population sees horror in different forms.  Whether its, a creative form of artwork, from a visual perspective, serious illness or death.  I get it, not everyone is going to buy into the horror genre.  The big picture is to look deeper into some of these films.  Subliminal messages are a perfect example, or just listening to strong delivered dialogue, makes us more aware of what’s really going on in the world.

Some of the best horror films are the ones that come from the heart.  Real stories from the past,  tied with a balanced amount of special effects, can create unique stories that your audience can relate to.  Setting the tone, developing an intriguing story and delivering a killer ending, will keep your audience on the edge of their seats and continue the emotional rollercoaster rides in their heads.

So where do we go from here?

I truly believe and want this genre to make a comeback.  There’s so much good, the horror industry has produced in the past.  Let’s go back to the grass roots and bring it back!

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