Pete Davidson’s ‘King of Staten Island’ pulled from theaters after Universal Picture ‘error’

With only two days left to the theatrical premiere of Judd Apatow and Pete Davidson’s comedy movie, “The King of Staten Island”, the movie was abruptly pulled from theatres much to the chagrin of fans who have already bought tickets to see the movie.

Director Judd Apatow also took to twitter and tweeted “This is an error. The King of Staten Island is only opening on VOD Friday. It is not opening in theaters”.

The comedic drama which is a semi-autobiographical film of Pete Davidson was initially scheduled to debut in select few drive-in theatres still open during the COVID-19 pandemic while also simultaneously launched digitally on premium video-on-demand platforms.

The news prompted outrage from the theaters that have been promoting the movie and selling tickets both offline and online. Most of the reason for the outrage was due to the fact that they now have to refund those that already bought tickets and try to find new movies to show.

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