SAG-AFTRA Consulting Sccalaries Battle over Film and TV Contract Ratification 

Sag-AFTRA, with encouraging campaigns on both sides of the issue, has begun voting to ratify its successor agreement on its master’s contract for feature films and prime-time television works. The Actors Union, which represents 160,000 members, released a video on Thursday in which President Gabriel Carter called for a “yes” vote on the new deal and a referendum on July 22. Booklet published.

The pamphlet includes a 500-word opposition section requesting a “no” vote, and National Board members Ed Asner, Jennifer BealsNeve Campbell, Diane Ladd, Matthew ModineEsai Morales, Patricia Richardson, Rob Schneider, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas have endorsed it.

Contract for ratification 

The Sag-AFTRA National Board on June 29 approved sending the ratification agreement with 67.6% to 32.4% of the vote. Members are receiving a postcard in the mail instructing them on how to vote. Carteris headed the negotiating committee and began the video by saying, “Well, I’m glad to finally be able to talk about the good news for a change, really good news. 

She took a “tremendous” advantage in participating in health planning and wages. The benefits were similar to the losses in the Directors Guild of the new US Master Contract, which was approved by members in April. “It’s the most lucrative deal ever. Carteris said the deal is worth 31 318 million over three years. That’s an additional 8 318 million in members’ pockets.” But more importantly, with a 26% increase in default stimuli, it prepares for our long-term future. She also said that the agreement includes maximum protection for actors, including the provision of 48 hours’ notice for nudity and prostitution. 

The opposition noted that it had launched a website on the and insisted that the phrase “historical benefits” did not tell the whole story. This agreement brings about historical losses and lost opportunities. Opponents say the deal was negotiated during “extraordinary global health and economic crises.” The value of our services is growing, not shrinking. Even with the common pain of the moment, we must negotiate with the power to fully protect your wages, arrears, health, safety, and the survival of your pension and health plans.

Opponents say the new deal will “destroy” the decades-old fixed formula, with a $70 million loss in three years and an eight-year loss of $170 million. It emphasized that the proposed 2% increase in pensions and health would be deducted from the 1.5% increase in wages and that the use of digital doubles was not a protection for background actors. They also said that eliminating the need for first-class travel for journeys of less than 1,000 miles would endanger members in the COVID era.

Three years ago, members of the SAG-AFTRA ratified the current agreement because it opposed one out of every four members who voted. About 76% of members approved the deal with about 15% of the 144,000 eligible members voting — or about 22,000 in all. 

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