Bankside Films, Westend Films, Embankment Films, Among U.K. Sales Companies Benefiting from $608,000 COVID-19 Fund 

Bankside Films, Westend Films, and Embankment Films are three of the 26 major U.K. Sales Companies to have benefitted from the $608,000 COVID-19 funds set up by the British Film Institute (BFI). 

The fund which was generated from the BFI International Fund was established to support U.K. Sales Companies and help cover the increased costs the companies are incurring due to changes forced by the coronavirus pandemic. The value of the award varies based on the size of each company with the maximum award being $32, 278.  

The selected companies are expected to use the funds to cover costs that were not initially available in their budget for the year such as new post-covid digital marketing solutions; new technical systems for international deliveries; equipment for staff who will be working remotely; among others. Each beneficiary company will receive the awards until January 2021.  

The funding comes as a huge relief for Sales Companies who have had to develop new ways to acquire, market, and sell their products without putting their staff’s health and safety at risk.  

Speaking on the significance of the BFI fund, Chief executive of Film Export U.K., Charlie Bloye, said, “Sales companies always employ adaptability and ingenuity to export independent films but the current challenges are really severe. This pragmatic and timely support is helping them refresh their toolkit and make the most of opportunities to connect with global distributors online.” 

Below is the list of the U.K Sales company benefiting from the BFI COVID-19 Funds: 

All Media Partners International Ltd, £24,000 

Bankside Films Ltd, £7,750 

Carnaby International Sales & Distribution PLC, £14,000 

Celsius Entertainment Ltd, £20,000 

Cornerstone Films Ltd, £25,000 

Dogwoof, £16,440 

Embankment Films Ltd, £25,000 

Evolutionary Films, £15,464 

Film Constellation, £25,000 

Film Republic Sales Ltd, £10,000 

Film Seekers Ltd, £20,000 

GFM Films LLP, £15,000 

Goalpost Film, £7,500 

Kaleidoscope Film Distribution Ltd, £20,000 

Legacy Rights Ltd, £15,000 

Met Film Sales Ltd, £15,999 

Metro International Entertainment Ltd, £25,000 

MFH London Limited, £10,000 

Mister Smith Entertainment Ltd, £25,000 

Parkland Pictures Ltd, £15,000 

Protagonist Pictures Ltd, £20,000 

REASON8 Films Ltd, £20,000 

Rocket Science Industries Ltd, £25,000 

SC Films International Ltd, £20,000 

Screenbound International Pictures Ltd, £10,000 

Westend Films Ltd, £25,000 


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