VANESSA COLEMAN Star of All Hallows’ Eve

Vanessa Coleman: Debutante of the Month

As Halloween is fast approaching, Horror films seem to come out from everywhere and most of them are huge disappointments.

When horror film standards seem to be at an all-time low, then a film like All Hallows’Eve comes along.

The biggest (and pleasant) surprise is the star of the film,  Vanessa Coleman. All Hallow’s Eve is her debut film in the US but she is not unknown in her homeland (UK) as she appeared in many theater plays in London.

In All Hallows’ Eve, Miss Coleman plays a dual role. That of the Evil Countess Victoria from the 1400s and a housewife in present time.  We are certain that All Hallows’ Eve is only the start to a long cinematographic career for Miss Vanessa Coleman

IFA Pictures on remake of Killer’s Mind

IFA Pictures has announced that it will remake the 1999 classic “Killer’s Mind” starring Sean Morelli.
It is not sure at the moment that the original cast will reprise their roles.
As the original, Killer’s Mind (2017) will be directed by Guy Bodart and shooting is set to start in November 2016