If you like gore, torture scenes and good looking girls all wrapped up in one, then the Curse of All Hallows’ Eve is definitely the one for you. If you like horror films with a story behind the movie as creepy as feature itelf then the Curse of All Hallows’ Eve is definitely one for you. If you like well produced movies with a great cast and excellent direction, then the Curse of All Hallows’ Eve is definitely the movie for you!

Directed by Guy Bodart and his daughter Lorelei Lanford. This is the second time Bodart has collaborated with his leading man Sean Morelli. (Mr Morelli has starred in  Killer’s Mind directed by Bodart) With a wide variety of incredible talent including Vanessa Coleman, Jean Sulli, Jaime Lynch, the expertise behind this feature is truly outstanding.
Miss Lanford can be proud of the time she has put in with her first feature film and has already begun working on her follow-up feature film “House of Terror”

So what is it that has stirred rumors of the latest cursed film that has taken over 3 years in production? Well there isn’t one fateful moment that brought attention to the Curse of All Hallows Eve but a series of mysterious and catastrophic incidents.

When filming initially started one of the first actors to be cast fell ill and had to leave the production. This triggered the start of 3 years of hard work for everyone involved.
Miss Marilyn Weinmann, a legend in the horror industry, later passed away between shooting dates and caused not only logistical issues due to filming but emotional pain to everyone involved.

While these kind of issues would already have had a major impact on production, the creepiest was yet to come. Having shot the movie in Super 16mm rolls, these came out of the laboratory completely empty barring only some streaks. As a result, the entire first section of the film had to be re-shot. There is no denying that this film is eerie both in story and its background.

With all of this knowledge, we can’t wait for the latest Bodart installment. It’s looking like this film has everything you could possibly want from a horror movie.

With over 3 years in production, everyone involved has done well to keep their spirits up and it has definitely paid off as there is talk of the film being picked up by SyFy channel.
Here is the official trailer. We sure cannot wait to see the complete film

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