The 2022 Las Vegas International Horror Film Festival Now open for Submissions

The Las Vegas International Horror Film Festival has announced that the 2022 edition of the prestigious annual awards event will take place on October 23rd and 24th, 2022 in the Entertainment Capital of the world

A film festival that’s all about terrifying its audience

The film festival reputed for showcasing and awarding the best horror films from all over the globe will be awarding eligible films in eleven different categories. All filmmakers looking to showcase their features or shorts to the world are invited to submit their work starting on May 31s, 2021..

LVIHFF which was founded by Christopher Levy, Chief Executive Officer of Falcon Film Exports, has become a platform where independent horror filmmakers can drive awareness to their movies alongside films from top-rated horror filmmakers and directors.

The After party is sure to be a scream. Asides from winning an award, the festival also offers independent filmmakers a chance to network with celebrity judges, film distributors, sales agents, representatives from major film studios all expected to be in attendance.

The fest event will award films based on the following categories:

Best Feature
Best Short
Best Director
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Visual Effects
Best Special Effects
Best Make Up artist
Best Editing
Best Musical Score
Best Screenplay

For more information on how to submit your film  FilmFreeway

Adam Wingard, American Filmmaker behind the acclaimed “Godzilla vs Kong” is set to direct Comic Adaptation ‘Hardcore’ at Universal Pictures

Off the back of producing the successful but controversial sci-fi/Action “Godzilla vs. Kong” movie, Adam Wingard does not look like he’s going to be resting on his laurels anytime soon.

The American filmmaker and director have landed the role of directing and adapting “Hardcore” from a comic book series into a movie. The comic book series, written by Robert Kirkman (known popularly for creating “The Walking Dead” series) and Marc Silvestri is a sci-fi/Action thriller, something Wingard is not a stranger to.

The comic book follows the journey of a soldier who wants to save the world without having to play dirty. As of the time of this writing, the script for the adaptation, tailored to specific outlines made by Kirkman is said to have been completed before announcing Wingard as the director of the movie.

Wingard will be adapting the script with up-and-coming filmmaker Will Simmons. Although Wingard, alongside his company Montauk Chair, will produce the movie, Kirkman, Sean, and Bryan Furst are just some of the other executive producers that would have to work alongside Wingard at one point or the other.

Following the success of “Godzilla vs. Kong”, especially with the kaiju showdown amassing well over $400 million despite being released simultaneously on HBO max and theatrically, there is a lot to look forward to on Wingard’s new “hardcore” project.

Gavin MacLeod, ‘Love Boat’ Captain and ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’ Star, Dies at 90

Gavin MacLeod, a sitcom veteran who played seaman “Happy” Haines on “McHale’s Navy,” Murray on “Mary Tyler Moore” and the very different, vaguely patrician Captain Stubing on “The Love Boat,” has died. He was 90.

MacLeod’s nephew, Mark See, confirmed his death to Variety. MacLeod died in the early morning on May 29. No cause of death was given, but MacLeod’s health had declined in recent months.

MacLeod played a relatively minor character on ABC hit “McHale’s Navy,” starring Ernest Borgnine, but as news writer Murray Slaughter, he was certainly one of the stars of “Mary Tyler Moore,” appearing in every one of the classic comedy’s 168 episodes during its 1970-77 run on CBS. Murray was married to Marie (Joyce Bulifant) but was in love with Moore’s Mary Richards. His desk was right next to Mary’s in the WGN newsroom, so MacLeod was frequently in the shot during the sitcom, and Murray, like all the other characters, was richly developed — a hallmark of MTM shows.

MacLeod originally tried out for the part of Lou Grant, which went to Ed Asner, but claimed to be happy that he ended up playing Murray. He also auditioned for the role of Archie Bunker on “All in the Family,” but of reading the script for the first time, he wrote in his memoir, “Immediately I thought, This is not the script for me. The character is too much of a bigot. I can’t say these things.” When Norman Lear called the actor to say that Carroll O’Connor had gotten the part, MacLeod was relieved.

The “Moore” cast — MacLeod, Asner, Valerie Harper, Cloris Leachman, Betty White and Georgia Engel (Ted Knight had died in 1986) — reminisced with Moore in 2002 on CBS’ “The Mary Tyler Moore Reunion.”

Asner paid tribute to MacLeod on Twitter, writing: “My heart is broken. Gavin was my brother, my partner in crime (and food) and my comic conspirator. I will see you in a bit Gavin. Tell the gang I will see them in a bit. Betty! It’s just you and me now.”

MacLeod had the great fortune to roll right from one hit show to another in 1977, when “Moore” ended and ABC’s “The Love Boat” began. The hourlong romantic comedy set on a cruise ship ran for 10 years. The actor’s Captain Stubing was known for his signature salute. Even after the end of the voyage in 1987, the actor returned for telepic “The Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage” in 1990 and for the “Reunion” episode of rebooted series “Love Boat: The Next Wave” in 1998.

MacLeod may, indeed, hold a record for consecutive long-running series: He went straight from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” (168 episodes) to “The Love Boat” (249 episodes).

The New York Times said in 2010: “Perhaps no actor has embraced a signature role the way Mr. MacLeod has with Captain Stubing. Since ‘The Love Boat’ went off the air, he has been a spokesman for Princess Cruises.”

In 1997, the actor joined the rest of “The Love Boat” cast on “Oprah” in what was the first full cast appearance since the show was cancelled. Another cast reunion occurred in 2013 on “The Talk.”

MacLeod was born Allan George See in Mount Kisco, N.Y. His mother worked for Reader’s Digest, while his father was an electrician who was part Chippewa. He grew up in Pleasantville, N.Y., and went to Ithaca College, where he studied acting and graduated in 1952. After serving in the U.S. Air Force, he moved to New York City and worked at Radio City Music Hall as an usher and elevator operator while seeking work as an actor. During this time he changed his name.

After a few uncredited film roles, MacLeod made his credited big screen debut in the 1958 Susan Hayward vehicle “I Want to Live,” playing a police lieutenant, then played a G.I. in Gregory Peck starrer “Pork Chop Hill” the next year. His supporting role in Blake Edwards’ WWII comedy “Operation Petticoat,” starring Cary Grant and Tony Curtis and focusing on the chaotic goings on aboard a submarine, gave the young actor a flavor of what he would be doing a few years later on “McHale’s Navy.” In the meantime he appeared in the 1960 thriller “Twelve Hours to Kill,” which starred future “I Dream of Jeannie” star Barbara Eden; Blake Edwards’ musical comedy “High Time,” starring Bing Crosby and Fabian; and the critically hailed but now forgotten Korean War film “War Hunt.” He also did a boatload of guest appearances on TV before his stint on “McHale’s Navy.”

MacLeod left “McHale’s Navy” in order to be able to appear in a supporting role in the excellent period adventure film “The Sand Pebbles,” starring Steve McQueen, and he appeared in a number of other films throughout the decade: “A Man Called Gannon” and Blake Edwards’ Peter Sellers comedy “The Party” in 1968; “The Thousand Plane Raid,” “The Comic” and “The Intruders” in 1969; and, in 1970, the World War II caper film “Kelly’s Heroes,” in which he played Moriarty, Oddball’s machine-gunner and mechanic.

In the meantime he was guesting on both dramas (“Perry Mason,” “Ben Casey,” “Ironside,” “Hawaii Five-O,” “The Big Valley”) and comedies (“The Andy Griffith Show,” “My Favorite Martian,” “Hogan’s Heroes”). In December 1961, he guested on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” in what was his first time working with Mary Tyler Moore.

After his years on “Mary Tyler Moore” and “The Love Boat,” MacLeod did not work on a steady basis — he did not have to.

He made an impression, however, in a 2000 episode of HBO prison drama “Oz” in which he played the Roman Catholic Cardinal Frances Abgott, with whom Rita Moreno’s nun Sister Pete discusses leaving the order. The actor had assumed a certain gravitas as Captain Stubing, even amid the silliness of “The Love Boat,” that made this role possible in a way that it couldn’t have been before.

In the 2000s MacLeod also guested on series including “The King of Queens,” “JAG,” “Touched by an Angel” and “That ’70s Show.”

MacLeod, who had appeared on Broadway in 1962 in “The Captains and the Kings,” also returned to stage work after “The Love Boat.” He toured with Michael Learned of “The Waltons” in A.R. Gurney’s “Love Letters,” and he appeared in musicals such as “Gigi” and “Copacabana” between 1997 and 2003. At a concert in 2008, he conducted the Colorado Symphony in Denver.

MacLeod was first married, from 1955-1972, to Joan Devore, with whom he had two sons and two daughters.

He married actress Patti Kendig in 1974. They divorced in 1982 but remarried in 1985.

During the mid-1980s, MacLeod and his second wife became Evangelical Christians, and the pair credited the religion for reuniting them. He wrote about it in his 1987 book “Back on Course, the Remarkable Story of a Divorce That Ended in Remarriage.” He and Kendig appeared in the Christian big-screen time-travel epic “Time Changer,” along with Hal Linden, in 2002, and he played the title role in the 2008 Christian film “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.”

His memoir “This Is Your Captain Speaking: My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith & Life,” was published in 2013.

He is survived by Kendig and four children by Devore.

Tale of Tails: An Original Series Not to be Missed

Tails is not a white-collar gentlemen’s club. It’s a borderline-legal bar with topless dancers and a back room where anything goes for the right price. Nick, the owner, keeps Tails afloat by taking advantage of the desperate women who dance for money and the desperate men who pay for female attention. When a dead body shows up in the bathroom, Nick’s control begins to unravel. Hunted by an ambitious, relentless cop, Nick’s enemies begin to surround him. He must decide how many friends to sacrifice in order to save himself.
Tevis Marcum (Stone) who had the original idea for the show approached Harley Wallen (Abstruse) in late 2019 to play the lead role of Nick in the pilot .  Wallen immediately saw the potential but had some input and alongside Steve Kopera (Boyne Falls) the three then revamped with new ideas wrote not only the pilot but the whole season and it came pretty easily.  They added a strong female element with Kaiti Wallen (Agramon’s Gate) and built a terrific ensemble around them including season guest stars such as Richard Tyson (Kindergarten Cop), Yan Birch (The People Under the Stairs), Blanca Blanco (Betrayed), Michael Emery (BlueBloods), Daron Cruickshank (The Ultimate Fighter) and, Jesi Jensen (Devils Night) and regulars such as Jerry Hayes (Moving Parts), Grover McCants (Solomon) and Dominique Alexander (Black Petunia) and Jessika Johnson (Playboy After Dark).
Getting Michael Hamilton and Courtney Vanloo Hamilton onboard moved them into pre-production in a month.
Production started in early February 2020 but grounded in late March due to the pandemic, but after a few months off they went back and completed season one over the summer 2020.
“It was funny but every day I left set I felt we had something truly special so the expectations became higher and higher” said Wallen.  When they wrapped the Labor Day weekend Kopera had already been editing and Wallen decided to bring on the music of Randy Lynch and Allen Lynch because of how music heavy the series is.
With season 1 completed the festival run started the accolades started coming.  “We’ve had strong festival runs before but nothing like this, it confirmed what we had been thinking… It started feeling like we had a hit in our hands!” Said Wallen.
when it came to distributors they didn’t have a shortage of interest but decided on Homestead Entertainment who really believed in the series.  Tale of Tails will be available 6/12/21 exclusively on Tubi, a season 2 is already in the works.

Amazon Purchases the Iconic Film Studio MGM for $8.45 Billion

Amazon announces the purchase of the studio Behind the James Bond Franchise, MGM for $8.45 Billion

Amazon and MGM earlier today announced that an agreement, that will see Amazon acquire the studio and rights to all its works, has been reached between the two companies.

Founded in 1924, MGM has gone from being just a movie-making studio to a giant entertainment company with a rich catalog of films under its name. Alongside the announcement of the merger, the two companies added that all the movies and TV shows owned by MGM would be even more easily accessible now that the two companies are together.

While we cannot say which company is benefitting more from the merger, there is one thing we do know for sure,  Amazon Prime Video subscriptions are about to be worth every single dollar subscribers pay for it. What with the addition of over 4,000 movies and 17,000 TV shows owned by MGM, it is a good time to be a Prime Video subscriber! Furthermore, Amazon Studios would be looking to revive popular old franchises from the studio such as the incredible 007 series among other classic titles.

Speaking while announcing the deal officially to the public, Senior VP of Amazon Studios and Prime Video, Mike Hopkins, said that “The real financial value behind this deal is the treasure trove of (intellectual property) in the deep catalog that we plan to reimagine and develop together with MGM’s talented team. It’s very exciting and provides so many opportunities for high-quality storytelling.” During the announcement, Hopkins also briefly mentioned that MGM studios have over 800 global employees, all of whom will be joining the studio to Amazon.

This is not the first time Amazon would be pulling off incredibly expensive acquisitions but the $8.45 Billion deal sure puts it second on the list of Amazon’s expensive company acquisitions.

Although there is no confirmed date on when the merger deal would be approved by a regulatory body governing the whole industry, Variety quoted insiders believe the deal should be done by the end of the year (2021). One of the interesting terms and conditions of the deal is that Amazon will take responsibility for MGM’s debt while the studio will be working as a branch under the Amazon Brand.

In a statement released by MGM’s executive chairman, Kevin Ulrich, he expressed his happiness about the deal saying “I am very proud that MGM’s Lion, which has long evoked the Golden Age of Hollywood, will continue its storied history, and the idea born from the creation of United Artists lives on in a way the founders originally intended, driven by the talent and their vision. The opportunity to align MGM’s storied history with Amazon is an inspiring combination.”

While it is yet to be seen as to whether the next title in the Bond franchise would debut on the Amazon Prime streaming service, there is no denying that the merger can open a whole world of possibilities not only for both companies but also for fans of the various classics mentioned by Hopkins during the deal announcement. Some of the popular titles include Creed; Rocky;  Tomb Raider;  Robocop; Raging Bull; Poltergeist; The James Bond series; The Pink Panther;  Moonstruck;  Fargo (TV Show);  Vikings (TV Show);  The Handmaid’s Tale (TV Show); among others, all of which have generated not just huge revenue for the MGM studio and other marketing companies that own rights to them but also amassed jaw-dropping audience all over the world.

Considering Amazon studio has recently adopted an aggressive commercial fare type of production, it would be really interesting to see how MGM and Amazon handle how to run the new “film division”.

Sam Raimi’s EVIL DEAD Serie coming to HBO Max

Forty years after the first movie was produced, Sam Raimi and his ‘Evil Dead’ film series are coming to HBO Max

Evil Dead Rise, a new installment and sequel to ‘Evil Dead’ – a supernatural horror trilogy created and produced by Sam Raimi is already in the works and set to debut on HBO Max!

Forty years ago, Sam Raimi introduced the world to his horror franchise world and while the other titles in the franchise have gotten theatrical releases, ‘Evil Dead Rise’ would be launching on HBO Max, a streaming platform. This, of course, is only available for the U.S. Other countries such as France, U.K. would be getting a theatrical release a few days after the streaming platform debut.

While Raimi directed and produced the original film in the franchise, “The Evil Dead(1981)” as well as the two sequels, “Evil Dead II” and “Army of Darkness” released in 1987 and 1993 respectively, he won’t be directing this new installment. However, he would be acting as an executive producer alongside Bruce Campbell, one of the franchise’s old protagonists. Another veteran of the franchise who would be contributing to the production of the new installment is Robert Tapert and it is yet to see whether or not he would feature on-screen in the movie.

This is not the first time a Studio or Streaming platform has tried to revive and reboot the franchise. A soft reboot was directed by Fede Alvarez for Sony in 2013 but it didn’t quite hit the ground running in terms of ratings and revenue generated.

Raimi’s new installment for HBO max would pick up exactly where the original trilogy left off in 1993 by moving the horror from the woods into the heart of the city. The plot of this installment would see two estranged sisters thrust into a primal survival battle due to the sudden rise of nightmarish flesh possessing demons who just won’t die.

Speaking about the new installment he is working on for HBO max, Raimi said in his statement that he was thrilled the ‘Evil Dead’ series was finally back to where it belongs saying “The company’s history as pioneers of horror speaks for itself. I’m equally excited to be working with Lee Cronin, whose gifts as a storyteller make him the ideal filmmaker to continue the enduring legacy of the franchise.”

While there might be new protagonists in this installment, one thing is certain, they would both have to step up to the task because “Evil Dead” does not have a history of being less dramatic when it comes to staging terrifying situations.

Production for “Evil Dead Rise” begins June 2021 and a release date for the movie is still unclear at the time of this writing.

“Evil Dead” is not the only horror hits that have been produced by New Line Cinema. The studio has also produced hit titles like “It and It: Chapter Two”, “The Conjuring” series, among other titles.

Speaking about the studio’s preparation to create a new installment to the original “Evil Dead” trilogy, New Line Cinema’s president and Chief Creative officer said while the studio has had a history of producing influential and successful horror films, he is very excited to see Sam Raimi, Rob and Bruce Campbell all coming back to work on a new installment to the franchise; stating that there is no better producer that can understand what “Evil Dead” means.

More news will be updated about the movie’s release date as more information is churned out.