Tale of Tails: An Original Series Not to be Missed

Tails is not a white-collar gentlemen’s club. It’s a borderline-legal bar with topless dancers and a back room where anything goes for the right price. Nick, the owner, keeps Tails afloat by taking advantage of the desperate women who dance for money and the desperate men who pay for female attention. When a dead body shows up in the bathroom, Nick’s control begins to unravel. Hunted by an ambitious, relentless cop, Nick’s enemies begin to surround him. He must decide how many friends to sacrifice in order to save himself.
Tevis Marcum (Stone) who had the original idea for the show approached Harley Wallen (Abstruse) in late 2019 to play the lead role of Nick in the pilot .  Wallen immediately saw the potential but had some input and alongside Steve Kopera (Boyne Falls) the three then revamped with new ideas wrote not only the pilot but the whole season and it came pretty easily.  They added a strong female element with Kaiti Wallen (Agramon’s Gate) and built a terrific ensemble around them including season guest stars such as Richard Tyson (Kindergarten Cop), Yan Birch (The People Under the Stairs), Blanca Blanco (Betrayed), Michael Emery (BlueBloods), Daron Cruickshank (The Ultimate Fighter) and, Jesi Jensen (Devils Night) and regulars such as Jerry Hayes (Moving Parts), Grover McCants (Solomon) and Dominique Alexander (Black Petunia) and Jessika Johnson (Playboy After Dark).
Getting Michael Hamilton and Courtney Vanloo Hamilton onboard moved them into pre-production in a month.
Production started in early February 2020 but grounded in late March due to the pandemic, but after a few months off they went back and completed season one over the summer 2020.
“It was funny but every day I left set I felt we had something truly special so the expectations became higher and higher” said Wallen.  When they wrapped the Labor Day weekend Kopera had already been editing and Wallen decided to bring on the music of Randy Lynch and Allen Lynch because of how music heavy the series is.
With season 1 completed the festival run started the accolades started coming.  “We’ve had strong festival runs before but nothing like this, it confirmed what we had been thinking… It started feeling like we had a hit in our hands!” Said Wallen.
when it came to distributors they didn’t have a shortage of interest but decided on Homestead Entertainment who really believed in the series.  Tale of Tails will be available 6/12/21 exclusively on Tubi, a season 2 is already in the works.

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